Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"Speaking out to boycott grapes in supermarket produce sections"

I can’t say that I have done much official activism at all with the UFW.  I have contributed a little money.

What I did do is not eat a grape, beginning in 1969 when I moved to California from the midwest until probably about the mid-1990’s when you said it wa ok again to eat them.

This was during the time when my children were young and went grocery shopping with me.  Of course they saw grapes there and always asked for them.  I always made it a point to speak loudly enough so that everyone in the vicinity heard me explain that the people, including many children,  who work hard in bad conditions and low pay, had asked us not to buy grapes in order to help improve their life.

Even those of us who weren’t activists will never forget the important principles that became part of our lives in boycotting grapes.  Thank you!