Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"Spiritual War of the Farmworker"

In the early sixties I went to school and played with migrant workers. They became my most loyal friends and at fifteen, my mother introduced me to Cesar while he was on a fast to wage spiritual war against social injustice. In 1969, during the period that our nation’s capitol was struggling to recover from the the death of a Prophet, Martin Luther King, Jr., I was merely sixteen when Cesar, his brother Richard, and his close friend, Bill Soltero, strolled into our student council meeting at St. Bonaventure Hall (Catholic University in Washington, D.C), to talk to us students about a national boycott against pesticides in our food. Our beautiful - then English teacher, Linda Marie Marmalejo, a friend to Cesar, was instrumental in framing my destiny - my walk with Cesar and God’s Campesinos.  Then in 1970, my mother Terri Cruz, introduced me to Bill Soltero, a strong supporter of Cesar. I began working for Bill and became directly involved in a spiritual battle against social injustice. Together, we endured strikes, picketlines, conventions and fasts and while at his home with his wife and grandchild in his arms ,Cesar honored me by inviting me to stay in La Paz and work for him and unfortunately, I remained with the laborers but the experience of watching our people suffer at the hands of ignorant men was heartbreaking and overwhelming, then a fire ignited inside my heart and that flame still burns today! I shall continue to pray to my Lord until the last mountain is moved and cast into the sea for as Cesar believed that we must continue the struggle until we see change, I too will continue to thirst for righteousness.    si se puede!  Lupita