Cesar Chavez

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"Still my hero"

Still my hero

I was just a teenage girl when I first heard (and saw on the 6 o’clock news) all that Cesar was working for. As a typical white kid living in a small town in the desert of California, I had no real knowledge of the difficulties he spoke of. But, this little unprepossessing looking man spoke so eloquently of horrific conditions and the people who lived in those conditions that I was affected in in a way nothing prior to that had. “Justice and dignity for all”, fighting without end for La Causa, (against the Goliaths of conglomerate farm owners and a powerful union that he didn’t believe had the workers best interests at heart),  believing so strongly in a nonviolent solution to these ills that he began the hunger strikes that would eventually weaken such a strong and valiant heart. Something, something in his strength and gentleness more than forty years ago still moves me. I never let a class of students leave my domain (middle school special ed) without knowing about this hero and his fight.