Cesar Chavez

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to help Cesar's cause

"supported him whenever he asked"

supported him whenever he asked

i am an American from the big city (NYC) transplanted to S D CA in 1962, when i was became aware of the workers in the fields plight… getting proper wages and shelter.
i didn’t have anything other than financial support to offer as i was living in the San Diego area, the entry point for many illegal crossings into the U S. Now that i have a home and a small parcel of growing area, i try to grow a small amount of my needs. I still see many works from Mexico on farms down here.Definitely Cesar’s life’s work had made these workers in better shape than ever. Now i’m a seƱor and the children i knew are all grown, educated, and not in farming, but in industry. life has changed and mostly because of fighters like Cesar Chavez.