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"Teamsters goon in St Louis"

Teamsters goon in St Louis

I was in Med School during one of the grape strikes.  I was picketing a Safeway in suburban St Louis for the UFW when I was accosted by a huge Teamster’s goon (without his baseball bat).  At 6’1” 185 I was dwarfed by this guy.  He started to threaten me and a small crowd gathered.  I was sort of a jerk, since I had so many witnesses, asked him what he was afraid of, the truth?  and is this a free country so I can express my opinion?  He called me a hippie (short haired med student - admittedly I did have on a pair of California huaraches) and went away.  Much to my relief.

Viva la memoria de Cesar!

Robin Bernhoft, MD, FACS, FAAEM
Ojai and Los Angeles