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"The Beginning of the UFW"

The Beginning of the UFW

I lived in Hayward, CA, during the grape “boycott.”  I picketed the various grocery stores in my immediate area, leafleting and talking to people not to buy grapes that were not picked by Union Members.  I belonged to the Third Order of St. Francis and my community and I were involved in some way or other to help the United Farm Workers; many marched with him in Delano.  Another time I went to Chabot Jr. College in Hayward to listen to Cesar Chavez speak.  As he spoke to us in the auditorium, I was totally awed by his demeanor.  He was a much smaller person than I had imagined, he spoke to us in a most beautiful and loving and humbling manner.  The first thing that went through me was this man is a saint, a real honest living saint.  He really touched my soul and he has never left me.  May he rest in peace.