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"The Button"

The Button

It’s a long story, but in a few words let me best describe my experience.
I was too young to work the fields but I still went every morning with my parents and siblings to work the fields. I heard a lot about the movement and my brother gave me this UFW Pin that I had always kept. I was lucky to attend parochial school here in Fresno. Sadly I also had to endure the taunting of kids who were farmer sons. They always believed that a poor person has no right to attend private school even with the help of financial aid. They figured that if their parents have to pay why can’t ours. This particular day I wore my UFW pin to school. During recess a son of a local grower pulled the pin off and threw it over the church building. I advised one of the nuns and he was scolded. The worst thing was that he had to go buy me another UFW pin. A few days later his father showed up and he had a UFW pin in his hand. The nun stood there and made sure the father and son had said they were sorry and presented me with this pin. Although it wasn’t the pin that my brother had given me,, I still stood proud to place it back on my shirt right in front of this dad and son. They had no expression, but I’m sure deep down inside their blood was boiling. Many thanks to the nun who stood up for me.  All the money in the world can’t buy you morals and good ethics,,,,, so it seems. It comes from your family. Que Viva La Huelga !!

Elizabeth Durazo
Fresno, CA