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"The Great Table Grape Boycott"

The Great Table Grape Boycott

I am 79 years old.
In the late 1960s I served as a picket captain while picketing local supermarkets, especially Safeway. My job was to serve as an interface between local law enforcement, store representatives and disgruntled members of the public and our picketing teams.
This all started early in 1969 when we (my brother, my sister in-law and I) accepted an invitation to have a representative of the UFW come to my home to organize for the purpose of picketing in support of the table grape boycott.
The UFW representative was an ex-Jesuit priest. I was so stirred by his quiet determined passion for the cause that I immediately joined the movement.
I had been an admirer of Cesar for quit some time and was moved by his non-violent approach to win rights for the farm workers!
In the ensuing years I have continued to support the UFW movement as much as possible.