Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"The Guillen Family supported the Cesar Chavez Cause"

The Guillen Family supported the Cesar Chavez Cause

My first memory was how Cesar & UFW were in Lincoln Heights,my mother Celia made over 100 hundred borritos,sandwishes for UFW. Father took in Cesar for protection at local church. we supported the cause by not eating lettuce, nor grapes! i also remeber selling cupcakes at safeway market to support the UFW,. Rudy Salas who lived in Keith st. supported the UFW,by taking many pictures to put in the city news,La opinion news paper.our whole block supported UFW,.Just last year my brother Ernesto,mom Celia,sister in law Loretta,myself Lupe Guillen made over 300 hundred sandwishes for the UFW we Help Christine Chavez at her house.it felt so good in the heart& in sprit too. Gracias UFW for the hard work & Jesus for our food .  sinceramente Lupe, Que Viva Cesar!