Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"The Hobart House"

1974..I live in theHobart House,, the L.A. boycott collective, with farmworkers, all of us working on the boycott. Lettuce and Gallow wine were our targets and the Los Angeles area was our territory to do educational pickets and boycott activity. What a time it was. We worked full time for $5 a week and room and board. The best piece of decoration in the whole house was a picture of Bobby Kennedy that one of the farmworkers had as a kind of shrine in his room. I remember meeting with Cesar Chavez who came to our house and ate rice, beans and tortillas with us. No frills, salt of the earth, a truly humble and appreciative human being . We had very little money, so always tried to cut corners in the kitchen. One of my jobs was to make milk with powdered milk and water mix it with regular milk to kind of stretch it. I was supposed to do it on the sly so nobody could complain about it. The Los Angeles Police Department at the time seemed to love to harass us. I loved that time. I was born not in poverty, but to middle America. When I was in high school I worked on a chicken ranch and saw first hand how those with so little work for next to nothing so that we all can have cheap and abundant food in horrendous conditions.  The UFW improved working conditions for thousanda of people, but there is still much need, still much injustice, still much work to do. !Viva la huelga!