Cesar Chavez

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"The Huelga School"

The Huelga School

I went to Delano in August 1973 looking for a job. There was an afterschool program for the children and young adults of UFW members called the “Huelga School”. I, Peter Hatch, decided to work as a K to 12th grade teacher there. My friend Steve peterson decided to join me. We set up programs for after school. One 4 to 6p.m. and one 7 to 9 p.m. We picked up the students in an old Land Rover. Before I left, I wrote a grant for 5,000 dollars to the Glide Foundation and we got a newer one. We did a lot of art, music, writing and had conversations with the students appropriate to their age level. We also did teatro. We also tried to give them as much self esteem as possible as a number weren’t doing well in public school. Steve and I enjoyed the work a great deal. We also helped build “Agbuyani Village” for older Filipino workers who had come to the U.S. when no Filipino women were allowed in. Many people from the Bay Area and L.A. came on weekends to help. The workers, like ourselves, were mostly young radicals. I also watched as Cesar sent families all over the country on the boycott. One of the more difficult things was to picket when the Teamster goons attacked us with bats and clubs. There were a lot of people braver than I was. We got 5 dollars a week and a place to stay. We also got money for gas. When Steve decided to go back to the Bay Area in December, I decided that I couldn’t do it on my own and left too. It was a great 6 months for me and I hope for the students and parents as well.