Cesar Chavez

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"The Huelga School"

The Huelga School

I worked as a teacher at The Huega School, 105 Asti Lane, Delano. We worked with the children of UFW members. They ranged from pre-school throgh high school. I started in August 1973 until Dec. 20 1973. We had 2 sessions each day after regular school. Steve Peterson and I.{Peter Hatch} would pick tjhe students up at their homes and help them with their homework an supplement that with art, drama, discussions etc. We also helped build Agbayani Village for older Filipino farmworkers.Filipino women were not allowed into the U.S. at that time.I watched Cesar send families across the country on the boycott. We took a fieldtrip to Moss beach and another to Sequoia National Park. It was a great experience in my life and very difficult to leave.