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"The March with Cesar Chavez/1"

The March with Cesar Chavez/1

My story is in memory of my Grandparents Mr. & Mrs Saulo Cobos.  The one march that stood out was the one where we started in San Francisco in 1971 (I can’t remember the year but it was in hte 70’s).  We marched to Modesto and people came from miles around, West, East, North & South.  It tooks us approx 5 days and each town we walked to had a welcoming committee, it was awesome, I never experience anything like that before.  There was music, food & drinks, it was like a big fiesta for us marchers. People were so kind and generous, they took us to their homes to sleep or some slept in missions, churchses or rec halls, what ever they had as shelter and made us as comforable as possible.  Chavez lead us every morning when we started to the next town.  A march I’ll never forget.  God rest their souls….grandpa, grandma and mom, I love our memories with UFW.  My grandparetns taught us, to be independent and fight for our rights.  As of today I sign every petition that comes my way from UFW and send to friends so they too can help in any way they can.  Enclsoed is pic of my grandparents with Cesar!  May UFW live on!  Sally