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"The UFW Chapter of my life"

The UFW Chapter of my life

March 4, 2012

I was privileged to have been recruited by my husband, Sergio Sánchez, who at the time was administering contracts for the UFW in the Central Coast.  He had heard that they needed someone with office administration skills to put together the UFW Watsonville office.  So, in early March of 1996, he convinced me to apply but first I had to do some volunteer work.  So, I took vacation time from my current employer and off I went to Salinas, CA.  I was interview by Mr. Doug Blaylock, RFK/JDLC Administrator at the time.  After a brief interview with Mr. Blaylock, he gave me my first assignment; which was to order phone lines, a fax line, furnish the office and put in place some office procedures within a week.  I worked so hard day and night & I did manage to accomplish my first task and since then I began my new journey with the UFW.  I began as the office person at that office, then service provider, office manager; and now, I am currently an Executive Assistant to Efren Barajas, 2nd Vice-President.  We, my whole family and I, have been part of the UFW family for 16 years.  Throughout the years we have worked thousands of hours in many, many organizing efforts.  Our goal was to contribute our little grain of sand towards Cesar E. Chavez’s dream; and that is to better the lives of farm workers.  To give them their dignity, respect and decent union contract benefits.  We are proud to be part of the UFW struggle!!

Lupe Sánchez