Cesar Chavez

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"UAW's Walter Reuther & Hank Lacayo meet Cesar in Delano 1965"

UAW's Walter Reuther & Hank Lacayo meet Cesar in Delano 1965

In the ‘60’s I was the president of UAW Local 887 in Los Angeles and was instrumental , along with UAW’s Paul Schrade, in convincing UAW President Walter P. Reuther to come to Delano and meet Cesar and hear about the struggle of La Causa. That first meeting was the beginning of a long time finaicial and moral support for La Causa. Thru my local union we were able to send literally tons of rice and beans and further assist from other locals hams and turkeys…clothing etc. to Delano. We organized caravans of volunteers to assist in the struggle for recognition. I tried to download a historic picture with Reuther and Cesar and myself. I also have a number of shots with Cesar at different functions in California and other states as he traveled to organize support for the strugle. And a picket line shot with Cesar, Larry Itiliong, Roy Reuther, and other labor leaders, including the President of the Steel Workers taken in 1966 in Long Beach, during a UAW national convention. Proud to have been an active part of the early struggles on behalf of our farm worker brothers and sisters and fight along their Leader Cesar Chavez.