Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause



The first time I heard about Cesar E. Chavez was in 1988, at that time I was in the 11th grade in High School.  I was watching the News and saw that Cesar E. Chavez was fasting (Fast for Life) in Delano, CA.  I was amazed that one person was suffering for the benefits of all of us.  It was in College when I read about Cesar E. Chavez and La Causa.  I thought that Cesar E. Chavez was an outstanding person and that his scarifies will not be in vain.  In 1993, I was watching the Spanish News and found out that Cesar E. Chavez has passed away.  I told my brother Pablo that Cesar E. Chavez was dead and that we need it to attend Cesar E. Chavez Funeral Services in Delano, CA.  We attended all the Funeral Services and March with Cesar E. Chavez for the first and only time from Delano, CA to the 40 Acres.  By the fall of 1993, my brother and I started attending the 40 Acres monthly meetings to find out more about Cesar and La Causa.  In January of 1994, my brother and I become Associate Members of the UFW and two months later (3/14/1994) we started working for the UFW as Volunteers.  I have worked as an Organizer, Office Manager, Contract Administrator, Contract Negotiator, and Executive Assistant of the UFW Secretary Treasurer.  I haven’t stop working for the UFW since 3/14/1994 and currently I’m the UFW IT Manager.  I’m proud of Cesar E. Chavez and our UFW!