Cesar Chavez

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"Union Member"

I was a member when John Guimarra Jr. signed a contract. I think I was the First Union Rep for the Edison Ranch that belonged to the Guimarra’s. I was roughly 18 years old or younger. I was also in Coachella way before we got any compensation. I seem to remember having a card with 568 as a number. I’m probably wrong but I do know I participated before UFW had any signed contracts etc. Bobby Kennedy, The Reverends that were involved, I was there. Even did a slight “Body Guarding” stint when Kennedy went to Calexico, also in Coachella/Indio for Cesar.  Is there any way to find in the Union Archives if I’m even in there? Name is Roberto Sigmond. Participated in Coachella when the Teamsters were there, also Delano & Imperial Valley. I remember (barely) going to meetings in La Paz right after the place was acquired. Can you help me? Email me at robertosigmond53@gmail.com