Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"United Farmworkers Support Committee - Tallahassee"

Back in the 70s, a friend of mine asked me to go with him to talk to the food service folks at Football State U, AKA Florida State. After finding out more about the UFW, I put a blurb in the Center For Participant Education’s [CPE] catalog about starting a support committee and an announcement in the student newspaper the Flambeau.
I arranged to for a meeting space at one of the just off campus churches and we started educating, agitating and organizing for the grape and lettuce boycott.
We had informational pickets in front of the local A&Ps;. Talked at showings of Factories in the Fields. Tabled in the student union and at the North Florida Agricultural Fair. With funding from FSU’s School of Social Work and CPE, we brought Cesar into town and he talked at the First Presbyterian Church, filled it up, and a smaller house party at the Shaws. I even have a signed poster, some place.
Picketing at A&P continued.
In the late 90s UFW started organizing mushroom workers in Quincy, Florida, a small town 30 miles West of Tallahassee. Working with CPE we brought workers over to speak on campus as a fund/consciousness raiser. The contract was WON!!!!