Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause


I was first turned on to unions by way of my conscience.  I often wondered why the local garbage man made enough money to support himself while often times he or she had little more than a high school education.  As it turns out, they are unionized as are several other industries throughout the country.  As it so happens, I am also a Roman Catholic who, having never read any real literature on unions, still believe in them as being fair.  I’d hardly be a man or a halfway decent Catholic if I didn’t support unions.  I have two good friends who live relatively close to me, who both participated in unions, he as a postal employee and she as a high school math teacher. 

As an aside, if anyone reading this knows how to become an actual member of the UFW as a worker or as staff, please let me know, I would like to work for them for pay.

Thank you,

Jonathan Leech