Cesar Chavez

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"Working in a Cannery in Watsonville, Ca. in 1978"

Working in a Cannery in Watsonville, Ca. in 1978

Although I never actually did any “Field” work, as so many hard working farmworkers’ that Caesar represented in his struggles had done, I did have the opportunity as a young man of 24 years of age to pack spinach in a cannery in Watsonville, Ca. for about 8 weeks. Working at the end of the processing line I took the packaged boxes of spinach from the conveyer belt two in each hand (3lb.each) and layered them on trays (16 per tray)  20 or more trays to a carrier cart to then be taken into a deep freezer. This work was grueling and repetitive but it opened my eyes to what the average farm worker/agricultural employee endures on a daily basis! I came away from that experience with a much wider appreciation for the jobs that farm workers/agricultural employee’s must endure! The people who toil in our fields, and pick and package our crops are truly the salt of the earth, and anyone who doubts this should try and spend one full day doing as they must do, to earn the meager subsistance wages they are paid, in order to raise and feed their families. Caesar Chavez new these peoples’ work needed greater recognition, and compensation, and better working conditions, for the contribution’s that they brought forth with there labor, and blood, sweat & tears! Viva Caesar Chavez!!! Viva the UFW!