Cesar Chavez

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"Working Side-By-Side"

Working Side-By-Side

My family migrated to California from the Southern United States.  I learned about the California experience by working with my family picking tomatoes, peaches, plumbs and nectarines.  My brothers cut onions and worked the few hop fields in California.  We worked just like the other people My parents wanted to build a future for their children.  I learned to speak Spanish working with the young ladies out in the field and watching out for one another. I encountered Cesar Chavez on a March to the State Capitol in Sacramento.  I was a student at Sacramento State College at the time and we had heard that the people were marching for better working conditions and to build a strong union.  I left school to join the march to show solidarity. The family boycotted grapes and ate not lettuce in support.  Today, I work for the state in an agricultural program.  I am also a union steward still trying to keep dreams like Cesar’s alive for working people.  The 99% need to work together for the common goals of justice and self-determination.  Cesar is one of my heroes.