Cesar Chavez

Tell us what you did
to help Cesar's cause

"Would Do It All Over Again"

My family and I got involved with the UFW during the 70’s. I was still in high school in the San Fernando Valley. I remember spending my weekends not out partying but picketing in front of the liquor stores during the Gallo boycott. I remember getting teased by friends and taunted by anti union people when they would cross the picket line. I was once out at a Majer’s liquor store in San Fernando after spending my day picketing I met up with a friend for dinner. A veteran that crossed the picket line shot at my friend and I at my parents house because he knew where I lived. Obviously he missed us both but it was a frighting experience. Now my friend and I laugh about it but at the time we were in shock that someone would go to such an extreme. My sister and I marched on to the Capital, we marched at the Gallo winery in Modesto. Times were different then. I remember the caravans and sleeping on a floor in a gymnasium. I would do it all over again. I will never forget the times we shook hands with Cesar Chavez and then the sadness at his funeral.  To this day I do not buy Gallo wine and will continue to support the UFW as long as I can.