Cesar Chavez

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"You Can do Anything"

You Can do Anything

I was on Cesar’s road staff in the mid 1970’s and worked with a great group of guys whose job it was to take him everywhere he had to go and make sure of his well-being.  The greatest lesson I learned from Cesar, who seemed fearless in standing up to giants and bringing them down to size, is that any of us can do anything.  ¡Sí se puede!  He gave us the crazy idea that what seems impossible simply is not.  And this made us understand how much time we lose dwelling on our fears instead of just going about getting things done.  It was the most empowering thing anyone ever taught me, and it motivated countless people to do things they never dreamed possible.  He taught this by example, by facing his own fears and doing it anyway.  That’s the greatest kind of leadership.